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The Koh Chang Elephants are retired elephants from all over Thailand. 

Each Koh Chang Elephant has its own history and is in retirement on Koh Chang. He/she is specially chosen by Kingphant to join the group. Each elephant has had a hard life, is unique and was always alone. Their life was lonely and hard work. They have no family and are now together as a new family. They hope to spend a long time in their new surroundings.x
It is now time for peace, a chat with others and visitors. Meet and greet the elephants at Rock Sand.

They hope to see a lot of visitors to have a chat with and maybe take their picture. As long as the elephants don't have to work everything is ok.

  • The flag of Thailand used to be a white elephant on a red background.
  • Most elephants in Thailand, approx 4000, are looked after. A few live in National Parks.
  • In 1900 there were more than 100,000 elephants in Thailand.
  • Thailand has an elephant day every year to give attention to make people aware.
  • Elephant day is always on the 13th March.

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Visitors for Flowerphant

Pictures of the moving from the jungle to retirement in paradise.

Koh Chang Elephant Is the car strong enough? Koh Chang Elephants in the car

Chang Elephant Elphants ride the car Koh Chang Elephant 

Elephant boat trip Nearly at our new home!

 Koh Chang Elephant Hope the take me to!  


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